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Improve your software-based project portfolio governance with consulting and training from Alpha Corporation

Project portfolio management software can help ensure that you have an effective process in place to support strategic decision making for project selection. Alpha Corporation consulting and training services will help you implement the software efficiently and make sure you use it to maximum effect. This will ensure:

  • Maximum value is achieved from your portfolio management technology.
  • Alignment of your various projects with your strategy and resources.
  • Executive overview of the organization.
  • The structures and procedures are in place for robust project portfolio governance.

Alpha Corporation is renowned as an operational "hands-on" consulting firm delivering full portfolio management and project management. This, combined with our advanced expertise in the technical and functional aspects of portfolio management technologies has led many companies to instruct and retain our services in this specialized field.

Exploit Oracle Primavera for project portfolio management

As a global Oracle Gold Partner and leading provider of Oracle Primavera consulting and implementation solutions, Alpha Corporation has the skills and experience to ensure success in your Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software implementation.

Contact Alpha Corporation today to discuss how we can help with your project portfolio management software implementations. Download a copy of the service sheet here.

Project Portfolio Management:

Project portfolio management, or PPM, is a group of pre-defined practices for your organization that can bring your company's ongoing or planned projects into tight integration with business as usual activities. Portfolio management allows organizations to place projects into harmony with their strategies, resources and executive oversight of the enterprise and provides the structure and processes to support project portfolio governance.

Following a PPM software implementation with consulting and training from Alpha Corporation, you will have a comprehensive, reliable portfolio management process encompassing identification of opportunities right through to benefits realization:

Identification of Needs/Opportunities

  • Define current organizational strategies.
  • Identify all business as usual (BAU) activities and initiatives for consideration in the strategy.
  • Guide the preparation of project proposals.
  • Align candidate projects with enterprise strategies.
  • Establish a set of weighted sorting criteria.

Selection of Best Project Combination

  • Rank projects according to the set of selection criteria.
  • Determine the most favorable use of resources.
  • Establish budgets for the portfolios.
  • Select projects for the portfolio.
  • Set some boundaries for acceptable risk.

Project Planning Execution

  • Manage project objectives.
  • Manage portfolio (business) objectives.
  • Roll up of project risks/issues into the portfolio for ongoing portfolio management.

Project Delivery

  • Approve changes to project baseline impacting the portfolio.
  • Deliver on time, scope and budget.
  • Manage stakeholder expectations.

Benefit Realization

  • Determine life of benefits to be realized.
  • Define quantifiable measures.
  • Measure benefits realized.