Civil Engineering

Alpha Corporation’s civil engineering services address all site development aspects including layout, utilities, traffic, earthwork, environment, and community concerns.

During early project planning our surveyors and civil engineers perform comprehensive field investigations and surveys to document both existing conditions and active facilities operational requirements.  With our client’s program goals in mind, we then begin the creative process in developing site plan alternatives from which we select the alternative that best meets project objectives and design standards, and that optimizes construction efficiency, project cost, and schedule and sustainability.

In tandem with our engineering processes, we proactively address jurisdictional code and permitting requirements and any local community issues. Our civil engineers have worked with many local jurisdictions and have participated in many public hearings and community forums, thus they are prepared to work proactively on behalf of our clients to ensure timely approval of our designs.

We believe the combination of our hands-on field investigations, our deep knowledge of current codes and jurisdictional requirements, and our innovative technically sound civil engineering solutions sets an ideal foundation for efficient follow-on design development and construction.

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  • Field Surveys
  • Utility Investigations
  • Site Infrastructure Capacity Analysis
  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Site Development Design
  • Demolition Design
  • Roadway, Parking Lot, and Trail Design
  • Earthwork and Grading Design
  • Site Utility Design
  • Sediment and Erosion Control Design
  • Landscape Design
  • BIM – Planning through O & M
  • LEED/Sustainable Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic Planning
  • Security & Anti-terrorism/Force Protection
  • Obtaining Local Permits
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Consulting