Design and Constructability Reviews

At Alpha Corporation we believe that successful construction delivery and the avoidance of construction change orders and claims depends in large part on the quality and coordination of contract drawings and specifications.  Our efforts helping clients achieve optimal project performance includes reviewing design documents to confirm technical reliability and constructability in terms of construction means and methods, material selections, and key phasing and project element interfaces.  In our design and constructability reviews, we identify ambiguities in designs, specifications and the construction contract that could cause change orders and disputes; and ultimately could create adversarial relationships among project stakeholders.

Along with our technical and constructability reviews, we evaluate contract management and administrative procedures to ensure that proper construction management protocols are established.  And we review, and make improvement recommendations on, specifications for quality assurance and quality control procedures, disputes avoidance protocols, project controls and documentation, and submittal processing procedures.

Given the number of construction procurement options, we also assist clients select the most suitable project delivery strategy, including considerations for bid packaging, design-bid-build, design build, construction manager at risk, GMP contracting etc.  Our reputation in performing design and constructability reviews is backed by our long-standing and successful practice in the A/E/C industry as professional engineers and construction managers.  With our expertise in engineering and management we increase the quality, coordination, and completeness of construction documents to reduce or eliminate construction change orders and disputes and set a solid foundation for successful project delivery.

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  • Design Plan Coordination
  • Design Discipline & Project Interfaces
  • Construction Sequence/Staging
  • Project Controls Requirements
  • Specs/Technical Provisions
  • QA/QC Provisions
  • Procedures for Administration
  • State-of-the-Art Practices
  • Disputes Resolution Procedures
  • Community Involvement
  • Bid Packaging Options
  • Procurement Strategy Considerations