Construction Management

Construction management is the key to successfully delivering projects that meet desired cost, schedule, and quality performance metrics. To optimize the value of this service, the best time to engage a construction management professional is early in design to ensure that construction know-how for cost, constructability, risk, and schedule are factored in when making important project decisions.

When our construction managers are engaged throughout the full life-cycle of project development and delivery they:

  • Identify and correct, during project planning and design, issues that can cause construction conflicts and delays that turn into costly changes and claims;
  • Achieve early and reliable predictions of project cost and timelines;
  • Recommend effective procurement strategies that maximize bid competition while controlling project delivery risks;
  • Develop and implement industry best practices and current technologies to make administering design and construction contracts effective and less demanding;
  • Proactively and thoroughly administer, inspect, document, and manage construction activities and operations to ensure quality and mitigate or control conditions that impact project schedule and cost; and
  • Support train and augment your project management staff.

With our engineering and construction management expertise, Alpha Corporation can effectively manage all project phases.  Our construction management best-practices and our hands-on design and construction expertise are delivered with the mindset of promoting collaborative and productive partnerships with owners, users, designers, and contractors.  Experience tells us that this mindset leads to optimal project time, cost, and quality results – results that enhance and strengthen the confidence and trust of all project stakeholders.

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  • Management Planning
  • Design & Constructability Reviews
  • Procurement Management
  • Design Contract Administration
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Cost & Schedule Management
  • Construction Quality Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Claims Management