Risk Management

Uncertainty in project delivery is a “fact of-life”. And to optimize project performance, managers must plan for and control this uncertainty through a forward-looking process known as risk management. At Alpha Corporation, we integrate risk management with our complementary practices in engineering, cost estimating, CPM scheduling, and claims consulting to assist owners in making strategic decisions to deliver projects that meet or exceed project cost, schedule and quality metrics.

Simply put – risk management is about increasing the probability and impact of positive risks (opportunities), and decreasing the probability and impact of negative risks (threats). Alpha Corporation’s risk management professionals develop project- specific risk management plans describing how risks are identified and analyzed, how risks will be responded to by the project team, and how risks will be monitored and controlled through the project life cycle.

Alpha Corporation’s approach to risk management focuses on producing the following benefits:

  • Proactive and comprehensive risk management throughout the project lifecycle;
  • Objective analysis of adequate cost and schedule contingencies;
  • Cost effective risk response plans;
  • Effective risk reporting formats to communications; and
  • Integration of risk management with other project management processes.

Our effective integration of risk management in project development and delivery is integral to achieving success metrics and reinforcing a culture of proactive engagement with all project stakeholders to stay ahead of and manage project challenges.

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  • Developing Risk Management Plans and Risk Registers
  • Organizing and Leading Risk Workshops
  • Performing Schedule and Cost Estimate What-If Analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessments
  • Recommending Schedule and Budget Contingencies