Washington, DC

Rehabilitation of the Old Stone House – National Park Service

Project Summary

Constructed in 1765, the Old Stone House is one of the oldest buildings in Washington, DC.  The structure is located in the heart of Georgetown and is a highly visible 3-story landmark with approximately 58,000 visitors per year.  It is a part of Rock Creek Park. The project included protecting the foundation; mitigating water flow onto the property by repairing the exterior stone wall along the property line; repointing existing exterior brick; rehabbing windows, shutters, and doors; selective architectural repairs including patching plaster walls and ceilings and painting; upgrading HVAC system; rehabbing plumbing and electrical systems; upgrading existing and emergency lighting; adding fire suppression system; and providing hazardous material testing and abatement where necessary.


Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Cost Estimating