Relocation Management

Alpha also administers the dynamic project relocation phase, including relocation planning, move coordination, and occupancy and post-move-in services. We work with clients to define relocation planning needs, technical considerations, occupancy requirements, and move schedule. We conduct facility inventory surveys, and develop a master move schedule that details complicated move sequences and corresponds with design and construction activities and milestones. Before the move, we develop and implement processes and procedures to monitor, inspect, accept, and install furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E).

We also verify that the constructed spaces are ready for fit-out; inspect and coordinate moving contractor activities; and monitor and update the master move schedule. During the post move-in phase, we help our clients adjust to FF&E layouts, resolve any damage and repair issues, coordinate the turnover of facilities (if required), and assist in closing out accounts.

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  • Space Analysis & Requirements Studies
  • Program Development Study
  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Coordination of the Programming Design
  • Specialized Technical Services
  • Inventory / Facility Documentation
  • Move Budget / Cost Control
  • Master Project Schedule
  • Construction Coordination
  • Furnishings Analysis & Procurement
  • Occupancy Plan & Schedule
  • Move Coordination & Supervision
  • Space Acceptance Walk-Through
  • Post-Move Services