Construction Management (CM)

Alpha integrates construction management into project planning and design from start to finish. Our CM team collaborates with owners, users, designers, and contractors throughout the full lifecycle of project development and delivery to:

  • Recommend procurement strategies that maximize bid competition while managing risk;
  • Achieve early, reliable predictions of project cost and timelines;
  • Identify and correct issues that cause conflicts and delays that become costly changes and claims;
  • Administer, inspect, document, and manage construction activities and operations to ensure quality, and mitigate or control conditions that impact project schedule and cost;
  • Train clients’ project management staff; and
  • Develop and implement industry best practices to make administering contracts more effective and less demanding.
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  • Management Planning
  • Design & Constructability Reviews
  • Procurement Management
  • Design Contract Administration
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Cost & Schedule Management
  • Construction Quality Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Claims Management