Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration / Coordination

Building information modeling (BIM) is a state-of the-art technology used to manage complexity and decision making throughout a project’s lifecycle. Alpha uses BIM technology to provide real-time control of project scopes, costs, and schedules to provide clients with comprehensive project documentation for maintaining and operating their building assets.

BIM links scope, schedule, and cost to quickly and accurately analyze how changing one project parameter affects the others. This real-time analytical capacity allows us to shape project scopes to align with budget and schedule expectations.

BIM is commonly associated with three-dimensional (3D) drawings.  Alpha harnesses additional value-adding dimensions as follows:

  • 4D for linking building design elements and assemblies with CPM schedule activities yielding animated building construction visuals;
  • 5D for quantity survey data to prepare cost estimates;
  • 6D for managing project documentation; and
  • 7D for accessing and utilizing collected project information for building operations and maintenance.
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BIM 7D Services:

3D Visualization