Facility Assessments

Alpha’s facilities assessment services provide comprehensive solutions customized to meet clients’ capital planning and asset management needs. Comprehensive conditions assessments incorporate determining deficiencies, recommendations for repair, renovation, or replacement, and maintenance scheduling, based on our current knowledge of applicable codes, design standards, O&M procedures, contractors’ means and methods, construction materials, and costs. We develop cost estimates and work schedules to accompany our assessment studies and reports, and develop and implement facility maintenance programs that are detailed, economical, and timely.

Alpha has performed facilities assessments for more than 10 million square feet on institutional, academic, military, and medical campuses, and for civil infrastructure including site utilities, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, and parking structures.

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  • Records Research & Review
  • Hands-on Condition Surveys
  • Materials Testing
  • Load Capacity Analysis
  • Repair vs. Replacement Analysis
  • Budget Analysis
  • Building Evaluation Reports