Charleston, West Virginia 

Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse – General Services Administration

Project Summary

The Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse in Charleston, West Virginia has been in service for about 20 years.  The building is one of the largest and most prestigious buildings in West Virginia, as well as one of the most important structures in the U.S. federal justice system.  Near the top of the building is an ornamental metal cornice that projects about 14 feet from the face of the building.  The primary structural members of this cornice are formed of steel, while the perforated sheet metal screen and cornice edge are formed of aluminum.  These aluminum components are the most visible elements of the cornice.   Cognizant staff at the courthouse noted areas of corrosion in the cornice after fewer than 15 years of service.  A study was performed to investigate and propose resolutions to resolve concerns with the Courthouse cornice corrosion and misalignment.


Condition Assessment, Cost Estimating